Busbar Power Distribution

EAE manufactures busbar power distribution systems from 25A up to 6300A.  The highly technological and modular E-LINE busbar system allows users to set up a grid that makes the desired power type and capacity available wherever they want, using a range of customizable tap-off boxes.  Important features are easy and efficient planning, short installation times, better heat dissipation, automatic length adjustments, re-design/re-using capability, better electrical characteristics, etc.  E-LINE busbar power systems are designed and certified as per IEC 61439-6.

Modular System

With the modular busbar power distribution system you can provide power in your building where needed, without interrupting the power supply to other equipment supplied by the same busbar.  By this you have the ability to relocate equipment and machines in their area.  You can switch very easily the tapp-off box to another position on the power busbar distribution reel and insatll it directly where needed.  The layout of your power system evolves together with the growth of your business.

Busbar power feeder unit

Connect the feeder unit to your power system.

Busbar power reel

The power is distributed safely via isolated bars within a sheet metal or aluminium enclosure.

Busbar power plug-in unit

Plug-in units are available in 16A and 32A.

Busbar power flexible turn

Turns can be easily made with a flexible turn unit.

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