Inrow Cooling Units

Cooling a datacenter is a hard challenge.  Saifor’s HDC+ inrow chilled water coolers are intended to keep medium and large datacenters running cool. Intelligent control of the fan speed and the water flow allows to match the IT heat load and to maximize the efficiency.  HDC+ are the best-in-class cool units to deploy high density server applications.  Additional to 2N and N+1 redundancy configurations, integrated load sharing and fail-safe modes are guaranteeing uptime.  Available in 42U or 47U height, 1000 or 1200 depth, and fully compatible with the new Arctic 3.0 server racks and the CUBO containment.


Hot/Cold Containment

The CUBO containment from Saifor can be used to separate hot and cold aisles and prevent mixing of cooled air with the hot equipment exhaust, avoiding air recirculation. Cold containments are often applied with raised floor cooling, where hot containments are preferable for inrow cooling or chimney extraction.  Using CUBO containment will increase the cooling capacity and the uptime/MTBF of your equipment and at the same time reduce the operational costs. The system is modular and fully compatible with Saifor’s Arctic server racks and HDC+ cool units.


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