server rack

Server rack

Height in U Width in mm Depth in mm Height in mm
42U 600 1000 2000
42U 600 1200 2000
42U 800 1000 2000
42U 800 1200 2000
47U 600 1000 2200
47U 600 1200 2200
47U 800 1000 2200
47U 800 1200 2200

Datacenter rack

Arctic 3.0, the latest generation of Saifor server racks, has been adapted to the most demanding datacenter environments.  The racks can be equipped with a revolutionary sliding 0-airflow system and are ready for high density copper and fiber cabling.  Standard available in 42U, 47U and project based in 52U.  Available widths: 600 and 800, depths 1000 and 1200.  With Arctic 3.0, you can easily deploy the physical infrastucture you need!

Colocation rack

The ISP range of colocation racks from Saifor are designed to securely house multiple tenants within the same footprint.  Available with 2, 3 or 4 compartments and 42 or 47U in total height.  All compartments are seperated from each other and have independent cable trays.  Colocation racks are developed to install several small IT environments for different customers or divisions in the same cabinet.  By this you can reduce the footprint in your datacenter while customers have their own, separeted and secured compartment.

isp rack

More racks

Arctic 3.0 is also available for many other applications.  Standard heights 24U, 42U, 47U and 52U (project based), widths 600 or 800 and depths 600, 800, 1000 or 1200.  Racks are delivered fully configured according customer specifations.  We invite you to download the catalogue for an overwiew of the possibilities and all available accessories.

Height in U Width in mm Depth in mm Height in mm



























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