Z-MAX 45

Siemon’s new Z-MAX 45 shielded outlets exceed all Category 6A performance requirements and feature the same advanced performance, superior quality and fast termination our customers have come to appreciate with Siemon’s existing Z-MAX outlets,” says Lee Funnell, head of technical services group, Europe, Russia & Africa at Siemon. “The Z-MAX 45 is the optimal 6A solution for tight work area locations where cable bend radius is a concern

Siemon’s Z-MAX 45 Cat 6A shielded outlet

Z-MAX 45 outlets use a reversible rear cap that enables cable to exit the outlet at a 45-degree angle to accommodate shallow back boxes and wall-mounted raceway applications. With 40 per cent less depth compared to standard outlets, Z-MAX 45’s hybrid design supports both flat and angled mounting orientations. Unlike true 90-degree side entry outlets, Z-MAX 45 also enables side stacking for high density applications, whilst the plastic bezels prevent contact between metal housings for superior alien crosstalk performance. The innovative linear lacing features combined with the termination tool offers best-in-class termination time whilst significantly reducing installation variability for consistent, repeatable performance.

The Z-MAX 45 outlet can be terminated to stranded and solid cable types from 22 to 26 AWG. In addition to a high level of shielded effectiveness for superior performance, the outlets also feature Siemon’s patented crowned jack geometry, the industry’s most reliable jack-plug connection for support of the latest PoE applications. Crowned jack geometry improves electrical and mechanical performance and ensures that any contact damage caused by arcing while unmating under PoE load occurs well away from the final mated contact position.

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